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Fan (Atomberg, Orient, Havells) Dealers, Traders, Distributors, Wholesalers in Pune

Fan (Atomberg, Orient, Havells) Dealers in Pune

Firenix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are providing (Atomberg, Orient, Havells) Fan dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers in Pune

Our industry-leading technology means that you can buy with confidence from us, knowing that you are getting the best product at a fair price. The fans wholesalers provide the best quality brands of fans like Atomberg, Orient, Havells and air conditioning products to consumers across the country.

Introduction: What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Fans?

1. Industrial Fan: Industrial fans are used in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings to cool and ventilate buildings. We are also used in cooling towers, where the water is cooled by a fan before it is pumped back into the water system.

2. Air Cooling Tower Fan: Air cooling tower fans circulate air throughout a building or cooling tower to keep it cool and comfortable for people inside the building or on the roof.

3. Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fans pull warm air out from under a ceiling and push cooler air down from above through ducts or vents in a room or hallway, making it easier for people to breathe when they're working or playing in a hot environment.

4. Wall Mounted Fan: Wall mounted fans circulate cool air through ducts or vents in rooms and hallways without having to install expensive air conditioning systems.

Why Select Us?

We Fans dealers offers our customers with the excellent customer service as well as after-sales support for all its products.

Our team also offers an extensive range of services including installation, maintenance, repair and replacements for all your needs and requirements.

Our (Atomberg/Orient/Havells) Fan dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers are designed for all kinds of weather conditions, from low-temperature to high-temperature environments and are available in different sizes, colors and shapes.

We offer customized solutions to suit your needs - from the design of your logo on our custom made fans to product development, marketing campaigns, sales support and after sales service.

Industries We Serve: -

  • Manufacturing
  • Food production
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Residential
  • Construction


(Atomberg/Orient/Havells) Fan dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers in Pune can keep the temperature in an area cool or warm depending on the need. We can also be used as air conditioning systems in summer to reduce heat and humidity levels.

  • It can reduce noise pollution caused by machines and equipment running in a factory setting. The sound is kept at a low level so that workers do not get distracted from their work.
  • It helps circulate the air efficiently which means that there is less risk of dust getting trapped in enclosed areas such as warehouses and factories where ventilation is poor or non-existent.
  • It helps with the ventilation which means that there is less risk of mold growth or respiratory problems caused by poor ventilation systems at workplaces.

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