Havells Fans in Pune

Havells Fan Dealers, Traders, Distributors, Wholesalers in Pune

Havells Fan Dealers in Pune

Firenix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are providing Havells Fan dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers in Pune.

Introduction: What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Fans?

1. Industrial Fan: Industrial Havells fan are used in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings to cool and ventilate buildings. We are also used in cooling towers, where the water is cooled by a fan before it is pumped back into the water system.

2. Air Cooling Tower Fan: Air cooling tower fans circulate air throughout a building or cooling tower to keep it cool and comfortable for people inside the building or on the roof.

3. Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fans pull warm air out from under a ceiling and push cooler air down from above through ducts or vents in a room or hallway, making it easier for people to breathe when they're working or playing in a hot environment.

4. Wall Mounted Fan: Wall mounted fans circulate cool air through ducts or vents in rooms and hallways without having to install expensive air conditioning systems.

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