Turnkey Contracting

Turnkey Contracting

When planning a new House or an Office, the most important decision is who we are making responsible for such an important project. On the back of multiple reforms in the Real Estate sector in India, the industry is moving towards using organized contractors for executions of projects.

Architecture is half done when it is conceptualized and manifests itself into drawings. The real challenge is its implementation. A turnkey contractor takes the project from concept to finish.

Advantages of turnkey contracting:

1. Single Responsibility –

Dealing with multiple parties is a big headache. Contractors often shift their blame on other parties for their own mistakes. The owner end ups with giving considering time to project instead of his regular job causing a big waste of his time.

2. Cost savings

– Since we are experts in the field and are aware of the market situation, the cost incurred by a turnkey contractor is always lower than the end user himself. This results in the same benefits being passed to the consumer.

3. Better Quality

– when you have a single manager handling your project from concept to completion, it is easy to commit to a higher quality outcome. From the beginning, the project manager can set the level of quality required from each team, ensuring that they all do give the same level of quality leading to the superior quality of delivery.

4. Fixed Timeline

The strategy for every turnkey interior project is planned in advance which ensures the systematic implementation of the processes. This includes allotting a specific time period to every step, which means that the project does get delivered on the timeline committed.

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