The automobile sector particularly faces real challenges as technology is always advancing, experienced professionals are retiring, and the business environment of the new global economy imposes ever-greater competitive demands. At the same time, moral, regulatory, and insurance requirements must be met in terms of maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

Traditionally, automobile firms have been focused on safety and productivity. However, recent threats to critical infrastructure have prompted a tightening of security measures. Reducing vulnerabilities to plant automation systems and other critical assets is necessary to help ensure the safety, reliability, integrity, and availability of these systems.

Common industrial security risks include workplace threats, violence, theft, pilferage, counterfeiting, sabotage, terrorist attacks, trespassing, vandalism, and contamination. Many manufacturing facilities are fairly accessible, and employee security awareness is often lacking or weak.

It is no secret that many kinds of automobile facilities have been identified as potential targets for malicious attacks To help safeguard physical and human assets, production plants and other vulnerable operations require an integrated security system that brings together multiple security technologies. These technologies must be able to communicate in real time, merging data to create new, more robust knowledge for faster, more efficient actions with fewer resources. Physical security measures represent important considerations in an asset protection scheme that includes cybersecurity and information security.

To increase the safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. Access Control.
  2. Fire Safety.
  3. General Surveillance CCTV.
  4. Video Conferencing for meeting rooms.
  5. Networking.
  6. BMS (Building Management Solutions).
  7. Epabx
  8. Advanced CCTV systems with AI based monitoring.
  9. Guard Patrolling systems.
  10. Boom barriers.
  11. Public addressing systems.
  12. Efficient electrical grids and sytems. And many more…

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