Corporate Procurement

Corporate Procurement

Strategic sourcing plays an important role when it comes to the cost structure and competitiveness of a business. Analyzing high-volume purchases, as well as developing long-term partnerships with suitable suppliers that can provide quality products/services at relatively low costs, can have a great impact on lowering cost structures.

Firenix Deals in Corporate Procurement of IT related materials ranging from keyboard-mouse to projectors to all networking components to security related items.

Benefits to enterprises:

1. One-Stop Solution

Exhaustive menu of 10,000+ products.

2. Cost Savings

Synergized savings across sourcing, resources and processes.

3. GST Compliance

100% GST compliance across procurement process for input tax credits.

4. Simplified Purchase

Doing away with the overwhelming process of dealing with multiple vendors, their invoices, and payments.

Challenges in procurement from fragmented base include:

  • Inefficient resource and time engagements for non-strategic procurement
  • Price and quality variances due to a fragmented supplier base
  • Data governance issues resulting in poor visibility of procurement spend
  • GST non-compliance due to purchases from unregulated suppliers

Here are some reasons, why strategic sourcing is so essential for any business organization:

Managing Costs: Strategic sourcing is beneficial for both buyers, as well as suppliers. For buyers it’s beneficial, since negotiating lower unit price for purchases that are high volume, reduces the cost at which goods are sold, thus maintaining the pricing of their products competitively

Supply Stability: Strategic sourcing can also facilitate the building of supply partnerships that are stable. Close relationships eventually lead to improvements in quality, as suppliers and customers can work in tandem to measure the defect rates, as well as their root cause.

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