E-Learning Gear

E-Learning Gear

1. Digital Podium

Digital Podium is an all in one multimedia presentation device. With its easy to use motorized tilt touchscreen, it's never been more convenient to work through a presentation. The easy-to-use device is equipped with contemporary features like an adjustable LED touch screen, wireless microphone, wireless mouse and keyboard, audio system, lock mechanism, etc. Digital Podium adds value to your classroom with its wide range of useful features. It not only adds aesthetic value to your classroom but also transforms the learning experience holistically.

2. Interactive Displays

An interactive display also commonly known as Interactive board or Smart boards is a large display in the form factor of a whiteboard. It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector. They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, in broadcasting studios, and others. One of every ten classrooms in India was expected to feature an interactive whiteboard by 2025 according to market research by Futuresource Consulting. In 2018, approximately 4% of Indian primary classrooms had interactive whiteboards.

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