The hospitality industry is constantly evolving. In recent times, hotels have been focusing on leveraging technology to enhance the user experience, which includes streamlining processes and adding additional amenities that draw repeat visits. At the same time, efforts to maintain the safety and security of individual hotels and hotel chains are only becoming complex due to a variety of unidentified variables. Although security began as a property protection function, it has broadened to include plans to mitigate several types of threats, ranging from fraud and malfeasance to terrorism and response to major events including natural and manmade disasters.

It is clear from the growing demand for technology solutions within this segment that hospitality is very focused on ensuring a safe environment for those inside the facility. Hotels strive to deliver exceptional customer service while balancing the safety and security of guests, employees and visitors with a welcoming environment. Modern risks, including those related to cybersecurity, liability and compliance, have propelled the need for stringent yet creative security strategies to be integrated into a hotel’s overall business strategy.

Right from the time when someone enters a business premises till the time they leave, the business is held responsible for any kind of misshapen with them. This is not just a statement, but one of the biggest risks that all businesses have. In fact, the hotels and hospitality providers are mostly affected by this risk. If a customer or an employee gets hurt in the business premises, the business may have to go through the frustrating and lengthy litigation process.

To increase the safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. Access Control
  2. Fire Safety
  3. General Surveillance CCTV
  4. Video Conferencing for meeting rooms
  5. Networking
  6. BMS (Building Management Solutions)
  7. Epabx
  8. Advanced CCTV systems with AI based monitoring
  9. Guard Patrolling systems
  10. Boom barriers
  11. Public addressing systems
  12. Efficient electrical grids and sytems
  13. And many more…

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