The Education Industry is undergoing significant changes in recent times. Problems like raging, harassment, absentism, Partying (in campus), etc need to addressed. The changing landscape also demands new and more innovative methods of teaching and learning. A technology company like Firenix stands in a good position to help educational institutes in dealing with such issues.

Firenix is a leading consulting service for schools, colleges, universities, and academic medical centers. Our professionals have worked extensively with learning institutions to develop and implement solutions that address operational and regulatory requirements consistent with each unique culture.

As education costs continue to rise and reductions in government allocations decrease budgets, educational institutions are under tremendous pressure to improve service delivery. Firenix understands these issues and applies this knowledge to the planning, design, and pre/post-implementation phases of their enterprise systems.

We provide technology-based solutions like:

  1. Interactive displays, digital Podiums -> E-Learning gear.
  2. Customized Tablets for E-Learning.
  3. Smart Safety watch for kids.
  4. General Surveillance CCTV.
  5. EpabX.
  6. Networking.
  7. Advanced CCTV systems with AI based monitoring.
  8. Networking.
  9. Variety of projectors using latest technologies. And many moreā€¦

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